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We are Voland. Bunch of  musicians, artists and muscic passionate freaks.

Short Story

Bored with daily routine  we decided to start doing what makes us happy :  outstanding guitar gear  for anyone who hunts for unique equipment just like we do.

Voland founders are two brothers Guitar & Bass players have also interest in electronics, sound engineering and music production.

For over 15 years Voland was unofficial hobby workshop building custom copies of best known gear such as analog effects and tube guitar amps. That’s how we got expereience & knowledge how sound works and is being modulated. Our demanding tone taste was formed over years by playing and cerating music.

Carve your own sound.   Be different.

Each of us is different. Each got own experience that forms our character over years in a very unique way. There are no two identical personalities just like there are no two artists sounding the same. Our sound is just like our identity.

Find your own sound.

Our Gear

We decided to go for more than just unique soud… first official effect series is collaboration of musicians & graphic artists to achive not only selctive warm & rich tone but also piece of art itself. Each box with hand ploted durable screen print of character drawed by artist Ewelina Dymek & SOMEART

Story starts here & now

This is just begining of something new. We have huge plans to participate in music world not only by providing great music gear but also by supporting musicians and creating music ourselves. 

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