Easy Dizzy Delay

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Easy Dizzy stereo analog delay

Handmade guitar effect with unique graphic by artist Someart



Easy Dizzy stereo analog delay with modulation. 

  • very warm soundig stereo delay
  • unique graphic – 4 color hand plotted screen print
  • 3 adjustable parameters for delay: feedback, blend, time
  • 2 adjustable parameters for modulation: rate, depth
  • 1 flip switch for time (short = 1/4 long)
  • “inifinite” switch for space lovers 
  • large knobs for ease of use 
  • light & durable aluminium chassis 
  • 9V battery compartment for easy & quick access 
  • rubber feet
  • buffered bypass
  • read more: info & sound sample


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 5 cm

2 reviews for Easy Dizzy Delay

  1. Tom Brasley UK

    Very warm sounding delay provides rounded tone of repeats unusual for a delay 🙂 I love its modulation and adore this infinite foot switch let’s you make a wall of sound without a hassle

  2. Gaz Bates – UK

    Fantastic pedal, really easy to use, great tone sound, the infinite button is great, can really add some cool bits to songs if used correctly.

    Large switches are great ,artwork is great, and its easy to set the right delay for yourself.

    a great addition to my pedal board

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